About Us

Our Story

Lacy Lashes started with the idea of how you look can really impact how you feel. We saw how one pair of lashes had the power to change and empower individuals. Thus we wanted to create a company that puts the community first and empowers those who are within it. We hope that our eyelashes will make you feel like you can do anything. Whether you’re getting ready to start the day, opening a business, or advocating for change, we want to support all the big and small wins. When you look great, you can do great! We hope to empower you to achieve whatever it is you want with our lashes.

Mission Statement

At Lacy Lashes, we believe that each individual radiates and exudes their own confidence - our mission is to help amplify and empower them to do so. To fulfill our mission, we truly believe that it all starts with being a responsible company that supports our communities so that we can be a brand that our customers are confident in.


At Lacy Lashes, we believe that each individual holds their own confidence. We are committed to uplifting individuals so that they can celebrate the confidence they radiate. We want to mold into a company that provides lashes that each individual will be proud to wear.


Integrity is indispensable to our mission. We believe that it is essential that we adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values. As a company we truly believe this is how we keep our community strong.

Community building

We aim to be a brand that focuses on community building and making a difference together. We believe that giving back to our community will advocate for positive changes not only within our community but for others as well. Therefore our whole site is made based on our community, where we will feature influencers that we have worked with. You will always be our star.