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Lashes can easily be a favorite add on accessory for many, LIKE ME! I personally love them so much that I have actually started to incorporate lashes (aka “falsies”) into my daily routine over the past year. Sounds odd to say, but I cannot go a day without wearing a set – it has grown to be a part of who I am! Without them, my look does not feel complete! 

For me, lashes do two things; 1. compliment my outfits 2. draws attention to my eyes! But just like fashion pieces, they can be mixed to match a variety of looks. With so many styles to choose from, there is at least a pair or two that works for any outfit.
However, with that many choices, it can easily get overwhelming in terms of which outfit to pair lashes with. Which brings me to writing this blog post today! I will be sharing few of my top favorite lash sets gifted from @LacyLashesOfficial and show you how I personally  style each set with to three different outfits! I hope you find this article helpful and that you love the products as much as I do. 

Lets start with identifying the three lash set I will be styling today:

  • Moon – dramatic, full, slightly winged 
  • Taurus – natural, wispy, winged 
  • Capricorn – dramatic, fluffy

**My general rule of thumb is to pair the most dramatic lash set with the most simplest outfits, then pair the least dramatic lash set with outfits that are more “noisy” or have a pattern. 




Taurus is an everyday style for me; its lightweight and not overly dramatic. The cat eye affect of the set works great with almond eyes – like mines! For lashes, it is relatively low on the “dramatic” scale, so this set goes great with any outfits that have some pattern/noise to it. For that reason, I paired Taurus with a neutral color stripped dress! The stripes gives the outfit some play and the lashes are minimal themselves, so the two together do not clash, nor does one gives more attention to the other.



Moon is a great lash set to pair with outfit that are effortlessly chic! Sometimes putting together simple outfit is just enough, making styling brainless, but wearing Moon can help kick an attire up a notch! These lashes are higher on the “dramatic scale” and offer pretty ‘full’ effect, giving my eyes some pop! 

No shame in being a little extra sometimes, right?! Lashes are just like accessories, they help elevate outfits, so the two together is a super fun combination! 


Capricorn can draw as much attention as Moon, but it is on the moderate spectrum, even though it’s deemed as a “dramatic” set! This set makes for a great lash set to pair with a super casual outfit because it is a very in-between style. Not too light like Taurus, but not as extreme as Moon! 

For something on the medium factor, I would pair this with very basic/casual outfits! I love to keep my fashion pretty minimal, but there is always room to emphasize an outfit without having to go over the top (such as wearing Moon)! Yes, I could wear Moon because of how simple this outfit is, but nothing about my high waited jeans and oversized T shirt screems GLAM, so I’ll hold off on sticking to Capricorn! Although fluffy, it’s not overly dramatic, so it works great for this everyday look!

Thanks for reading through this article! Although I showed how I paired the most dramatic lash set with the most simplest outfits, and vice versa, there are still times where I’d do the opposite! There is no one way to pair them, so I challenge you to get creative and style sets to your own liking! Explore both dramatic and light sets, play around and have fun curating your next look!

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    Wow, I love the look on you for the Taurus style. Thank you for depicting the lash styles and outfit combination!

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