Ending Asian Hate

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, life has changed drastically. Living in a pandemic has been difficult enough, but to make matters worse, this pandemic has fueled racism and violence towards the Asian community. There has been a rise in hate crimes since 2020 towards the Asian community that urgently needs to be addressed. 

At Lacy Lashes, we do not tolerate any forms of racism or hate in our communities. This is why we are choosing to take action today to #StopAsianHate and encourage you to stand with us. We believe that we have an obligation to speak up against hate and to use our voices to spread awareness about these heinous crimes in hopes of sparking change in our communities. 

In addition to using our platform to spread awareness and #StopAsianHate, for the whole month of March, Lacy Lashes will be donating 15% of our bundles’ proceeds to the Asian Pacific Fund. 

We want to be able to help you take a stand alongside us which is why we created a list of some things you can do to end Asian hate. 

Here are some ways that you can make a difference:

  • Use your voice.
  • Our voices are a powerful tool that we must take advantage of in order to spread awareness. Whether it is talking to those around you or using your social media platforms to use your voice, it is important that we speak up every chance that we get! 

  • Donate.
  • If you are able to, consider donating to non-profit organizations that empower the Asian community. Donations go a long way when it comes to supporting non-profit organizations. Click here for a list of organizations that you can donate to!

  • Reach out to government officials.
  • Another way that you help take a stand is by reaching out to your local government officials. Contacting your government officials is an important push towards sparking legislative changes that can protect our Asian communities. 

  • Support Asian-owned businesses.
  • Many businesses have greatly suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, racism and discrimination have magnified those effects on Asian-owned businesses. You can show your support by ordering take-out or delivery from Asian restaurants.

    As a company, it is our goal to make a difference in our communities. Lacy Lashes will continue to use our platforms to advocate for important social changes. As we continue to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic, we must do our part as a whole and end hate towards the Asian community. Let’s make a difference together.

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