#BLM & Bellevue Children's Hospital

We Stand With You


  After the killing of George Floyd, our city of Seattle joined the country as they rallied up and protested for days and weeks. Seeing how people were protesting and demanding for change, we as a company could not just sit by and do nothing. As a company that stands for community building and empowerment, we wanted to show our solidarity by donating, spreading resources, and working with our local community to support Black Lives Matter. 

  The first step we took as a company was to donate all of May’s profits to the Minnesota Freedom Fighters. We continued to plan ways that could help the Black community including muting ourselves so their voices could be heard, and spreading more awareness through our social platforms. Seeing that we’re still in a pandemic, we contacted our local BLM Seattle King County and donated face masks so that protestors could safely protest and conceal their identities. Although, these are small steps Lacy Lashes will continue to advocate for change and empower groups where their voices may not be heard. We hope our contributions would be part of the push for change in fixing a broken system. 

  Change is not something that happens overnight. There needs to be abut with a constant demand for justice in order for change tocan happen. It is now more important than ever to take action and stand against racism. While America continues to mourn the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McCain, and many more lives that have been lost to the many more that lost their lives to police brutality, we must rally behind their loved ones and the community to fight a system that has let them down. Racism is not an easy topic to discuss especially in a country that has swept the deaths of many Black and Brown people under the rug. , however, it is these uncomfortable moments and conversations that have changed history for the disenfranchised.  

  Lacy Lashes will continue to provide resources, petitions, and other ways we can help so that we could see the changes that we want for our community and those that have been affected. We encourage all to speak up when facing racism and hold themselves accountable. As a company that is owned by nonpoc, we recognize our privilege and that we will never face the same discrimination that black people face. However, what we can do is unlearn the institutional racism that is taught and take action to fight for an equal society. 

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